warranty & precautions

The ezShade® Warranty

We at Solar Eclipz are committed to producing high quality products that simplify your life. However, sometimes due to manufacturing error things do not always go as planned. In that case, Solar Eclipz’s limited warranty will replace any of our products, for 1 full year from date of purchase, that are deemed to have a manufacturer’s defect. Simply return the item, postage prepaid, with your original receipt to the address below.

Solar Eclipz
2233 Huntington Drive, Suite 17
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As much as we have tried to make the ezShade as user friendly and safe as possible, there are a few things that we would like to caution you about.

The ezShade is not for use indoors. Keep your ezShade away from flames. UPF fabrics can loose their effectiveness over time. Avoid unnecessary washing. To retain maximum UV protection the ezShade should be replaced when the silver UPF coating shows signs of wear and tear. ezShade is not a substitute for sunscreen. We recommend that you always use sunscreen when in the sun.

Protect Yourself When Exposed to the Sun!

Being outdoors in the sun is good for you. Just remember to take a few simple precautions to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays throughout the year. In the summer time, consider doing outdoor activities, such as swimming, before 11 a.m. or after 4 p.m. In the spring and fall, UV radiation from the sun can be very strong especially in the spring when ozone depletion is of concern. Remember, too, that water and sand reflect UV radiation.

Try to spend less time in the sun by finding shade. When you are outdoors, wear clothes that cover your skin such as hats, shoes, long pants and long sleeved shirts. Protect your eyes with sunglasses that are UV rated. Wear a lot of sunscreen on skin that is not covered. Your sunscreen should block both UVB and UVA rays and have a SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 15 or more. Be sure to reapply it every two hours or after swimming or exercising. Burns and skin damage can occur quickly and stay with you for life.

We now know that it takes very little time for the UV rays to damage your DNA, increase your risk of skin cancers, weaken your immune system and damage your eyes. By the time you see it, the damage has been done. Start practicing safe sunning now!

What are UVA rays?

UVA (ultraviolet-A): UVA rays are long- wave solar rays of 320-400 nanometers (billionths of a meter). Although less likely than UVB rays to cause sunburn, UVA rays penetrate the skin more deeply, and is considered the chief culprit behind wrinkling, leathering, and other aspects of “photoaging.” The latest studies show that UVA not only increases UVB’s cancer-causing effects, but may directly cause some skin cancers, including melanomas.

What are UVB rays?

UVB (ultraviolet-B): UVB rays are short-wave solar rays of 290-320 nanometers. More potent than UVA rays in producing sunburn, these rays are considered the main cause of basal and squamous cell carcinomas as well as a significant cause of melanoma.

For detailed information and research on UVA and UVB protection we recommend that you visit the following reputable websites: